On the lessons learned making a Decision Tree Classifier from scratch

One of the simplest yet most effective forms of machine learning is decision tree induction.


Sentiment Analysis with NLTK, TextBlob and Flair

If you have ever been curious about Sentiment Analysis or how a natural language processing (NLP) model can help you determine if a particular block of text has a positive, negative or neutral sentiment this guide will to get you started.

Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning to Study Real Consumption Earnings, England and Great Britain 1270–1870

An Essay on Typography by Eric Gill takes the reader back to the year 1930. The year when a conflict between two worlds came to its term. The machines of the industrial world finally took over the handicrafts.

Data Analysis

The New England Textile Industry, 1825–60

Prior to 1870, industry in the United States was not an integrated whole, but a sum of many heterogeneous parts spread across multiple regions. In this article, I explore economic data from late 19th centuray New England.