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The economic development of Europe proceeded political consolidation and differentiation. As large sovereignties emerged and state regulation superseded guild and municipal regulation, economic development could extend freely over a wider territories. Between 1270 and 1870 England and Great Britain slowly progressed from the periphery of the European economy to centre-stage of an integrated global economy. In the process Britain escaped the Malthusian trap and by the eighteenth century had successfully reconciled a rising population with a rising standard of living. The following is a short article and demo which explores data published by the Bank of England. The dataset contains a broad set of macroeconomic and financial indicators from England and Great Britain stretching back to the 13th century.

Real GDP, Real GDP per head, Population

Model and Metric

Real consumption earnings was modeled using a decision tree regressor which breaks down a data-set into smaller and smaller subsets while at the same time an association tree is incrementally developed. This method of analysis resulted in a validation accuracy of 0.641 which suggests that the percentage of correct classifications using this model was approximately 64.1%.

# imported libraries
from sklearn.impute import SimpleImputer
from sklearn.pipeline import make_pipeline
from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeRegressor

# target
target = 'Real_consumption_earnings_Growth_GB'

# drop target feature
train_features = train.drop(columns=[target,'Growth_consumption_earnings','Consumer_price_inflation'])

# get list of numeric features
numeric_features = train_features.select_dtypes(include='number').columns.tolist()

# combine numeric features
features = numeric_features

# Arrange data into X features matrix and y target vector 
X_train = train[features]
y_train = train[target]
X_val = val[features]
y_val = val[target]
X_test = test[features]

# pipeline
pipeline = make_pipeline(
    SimpleImputer(missing_values=np.nan , strategy='median'),

# pipeline fit and validtion score, y_train)
print('Validation Accuracy', pipeline.score(X_val, y_val))